Provence: sea, sun, lavender

Rich in landscape beauty, important historical testimonies and enchanting villages, Provence is located in the southeastern region of
France; It is a land of unmistakable charm, characterized by the rich variety of environments it offers to the visitor.

Its main cities are:

Aix en Provence: Paul Cezanne’s birthplace, Aix-en- Provence is one of the most famous cities in Provence, located in one of the hottest and sunny areas

Arles: It is a city of art and history that still reflects the authentic Provencal traditions.

Avignon: Located right next to several natural wonders, Avignon is famous for its rich historical and religious heritage that blends with the Provençal spirit and lifestyle that make the city unique in its kind

Gordes: Perched on a hill, this village is considered one of the most beautiful in France, thanks to an incredibly rich and interesting heritage from an architectural, religious and historical point of view.

Marseille: It is currently one of the largest cities in the Meditterraneo. You will discover the essence of the lifestyle of southern France by strolling through the “Corniche”, passing the harbor and the famous Canebière. And enjoy the wonderful Calanques

  • Champs de lavande, Provence

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